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The Yurta Picnic
The Yurta Picnic is built in direct vicinity to EC “Chiflika Chukurovo”. It is located amidst the greenery of the virgin nature of the locality of the same name next to thick oak-tree forest.

  This is a must-visit stop along the “Jeep-safari Super extreme” route of exceptional experience. At Yurta picnic tired of emotions guests rest and have a bite before taking the road back. After they are sated they have the opportunity to ride a horse, to try their accuracy in shooting with an air gun or a bow.

   Yurta picnic is ideally arranged as a forest picnic for resting guests as it disposes of an outdoor and an indoor part. It can accommodate up to 120 tired travelers who will be able to enjoy the chilly premise or to have a nice rest under the thick nut-tree shadow.

  Yurta picnic is an ideal place for family or company holidays. In summer days everyone can enjoy the deserved rest amidst the curative silence of nature while having a snack of delicious dishes prepared on fire and cool down with selected beverages. And in winter – to find a shelter warmed next to the burning fire, on a rich table with wild wine and to have a cheerful friendly chat!

Feel welcomed dear guests!

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