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An outdoor farm museum :

The outdoor museum is located in the farm yard introducing the way and means of living of ancient Bulgarians. At display here you will see a variety of agricultural tools, instruments and gadgets – helpful assistants for providing the food on the table: а threshing-floor and а threshing-board, а millstone for grinding grain, a threshing machine, a copper cauldron for rakia brewing. The eager to learn, traveling Bulgarians of those days have their own “Lincoln” steam engine which is strong and faithful helper when it comes to hard agricultural work. The way of obtaining the one-century-old tractor is similar. Besides the valuable collection the guests are acquainted with the architecture of the main farm buildings and the overall image of the ancient Bulgarian home .

Ethnographic museum:

The ethnographic museum disposes of various by view of antiquity and purpose exhibits. The atmosphere of a wealthy Bulgarian home is recreated here – a cosy guest room, a work room where you will find all kinds of tools used for clothes making. Next to the loom you will see “Singer” sewing machines - part of the atmosphere of the wealthy Bulgarian homes of traveling pilgrims or merchants. A typical Bulgarian table is also set for the visitors. At display you will see dresses of different folk regions in Bulgaria pleasing with their colourful patterns and silently telling stories of the love and labour put into their making.

Hunting room:

Arranged in hunter’s taste the hunting room predisposes connoisseurs to pleasures. You will see trophys of accurate hunters. The joyful anxiety after successful hunt combined with a bouquet of selected wines and delicious specialties refreshes and cheers up every guest.
The hunting room could be the perfect solution for you if you are in search of the solitude of the pleasant chat with your faithful friends and if you wish to sweeten the days of your colleagues or dear guests!

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