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   EC Chiflika Chukurovo has a hotel part (80 beds) in unique renaissance style consisting of main part – the “Monastery”, west wing - “Panorama”, three cosy bungalows (each with a living-room, bedrooms and a mini-kitchenette) and one magnificent family house. “The Monastery” bears that name due to its architecture taken from the sacred cloisters of the men devoted to God. There are 11 double rooms hospitably arranged including five studios (three of which with fireplace) furbished in old city style, and there is also a watch tower. “Panorama” west wing bears its name due to the fascinating view to the valley. There are 8 double rooms the interior of which shall meet the requirements even of the most sophisticated guests. The hotel at EC “Chiflika Chukurovo” gives you the magic of a unique relaxation. You can lay by the pool with its sweeping vista or to embark in a variety of sport recreational activities. The virgin nature lovers have the opportunity to devote themselves to acquainting with the environment which in itself offers large diversity of entertainment. EC “Chiflika Chukurovo” is close to the beach (19 km away from Albena resort), to preserved territories (Golden Sands National Park, Aladzha Monastery, Yaylata) as well as to natural springs (The spring of Durankulak, Springs of Shabla, Varna spring, Beloslav spring, etc., as well as the dams of Eleshnitsa, Tsonevo, Ticha, etc.) Thanks to its geographic location the complex offers variety of attractive options for recreation and repose.
  We have also thought of the children of our dear guests and especially for them we have provided a mini-pool where their safety is guaranteed.
  The chilly nights at EC “Chiflika Chukurovo” bear the energy of the Bulgarian folklore which transforms into a set of gastronomic miracles prepared by the handy chef in the kitchen of our tavern. All products used for the preparation of the food are ecologically clean as the majority is homemade by the people living in the village of Prilep.
  Situated amongst colorful gardens looking at the luxuriant in greenery hills, the Complex is a unique place for recreation and preferred pier of silence and tranquility combined with the opportunity for a variety of extreme experiences.


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