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Chiflika Chukurovo
You, traveller, come and have a rest – have a drink from the coppers of this eternally beautiful virgin Bulgaria. Let her enchant you for eternity, to wrap you up with her long black hair, to charm you with the deep yearning after something already told, after something not lived yet...

In the origin of the idea for the existence of Ethographic Complex Chiflika Chukurovo is built in the shadow of respect which Bulgarian nature and national folklore irrevocably provoke. The very name of Chukurovo comes from the Turkish word “chukur” having oxymoron meaning – on one sense it means hill, and on the other dent. It is also possible for it to be turkish-modelled or redefined form of the ancient Bulgarian word “chuka”, “chukar” which is still used nowadays in the language of modern mountaineers in Northern Caucas. And exactly as the name combines two contrary meanings thus in Chiflika traditions meet future.

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Тhere are properties for sale within the complex and in vicinity:
-family hotels – 2
-houses in holiday villages
-terrains for building holiday villages
If you buy from us you invest in the tourist business and start profiting STRAIGHT AWAY! We provide you with tour operator contract for 2006!

For more information:
e-mail: chiflikachukurovo@abv.bg
telephone: 0888 46 98 16

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Statistcs 2010г.
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Jan. -1 5 -8 50-80
Feb. 2 8 -12 80-50
Mar. 8 10 -10 50-70
Apr. 15 12 -3 70-10
May 21 16 7 10-0
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Dec. 1 7 -5 10-50
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